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Trees play a vital role in our eco-system so it’s important we care for them properly. Regular tree maintenance not only prevents trees from becoming unruly or unsafe, but also enables us to spot early signs of decay or disease before it becomes untreatable or infects neighbouring vegetation.

The STS team take care of all tree work, domestic and commercial, to improve tree health, prolong tree life and reduce risk to people, properties and surrounding plants.


Pollarding, pruning, trimming, thinning, felling and clearing – whatever your domestic tree requirement, our professional, friendly team ensure work is carried out safely and efficiently.


We’re fully qualified and equipped to take care of all ground and tree work on private or public land, including schools, hospitals, hotels, pubs, construction sites and business premises.

Our Services

With an in-depth knowledge of arboriculture, planning regulations and tree preservation law, we are perfectly placed to provide expert advice about the most appropriate services for your needs. Our fully qualified, insured and compliant team can undertake all aspects of ground and tree work for any size or type of project.

Tree Felling

While we make every effort to save as many trees as possible, a tree will need felling if it poses a hazard to property or the public. This can often be through disease, decay, storm damage or potential subsidence issues.

A full risk assessment will be completed before our expert team safely fell the tree and grind the stump. All waste will be removed and recycled, leaving a clean, tidy and safe area.


If felling is likely to compromise the safety of the public or pose a risk to a property, we will carefully dismantle the tree in sections and remove it from your property a piece at a time.

Dismantling work will be carefully planned and executed to ensure that all risk is mitigated and work is carried out as efficiently as possible.

Pollarding, pruning & reshaping

Regular pollarding or pruning will prevent trees from becoming overgrown or imbalanced, without damaging the integrity of the roots. Proper maintenance of your trees will encourage long-term health, increased crops and improved appearance. 

Our tree surgeons understand how to care for and maintain many species of trees, including fruit producing, ornamental and native.

Crown Reduction, Crown Lift, Crown Thinning

Crown Reduction, Crown Lift, Crown Thinning

Dead, dying and diseased trees

Unfortunately, just like humans and animals, trees can become sick. Some diseases can be treated if caught early; others can become infectious, posing a risk to surrounding wildlife and vegetation. Dead or dying trees are less stable, meaning branches are more likely to break away and fall on properties, vehicles or people.

Signs to look out for include:


  • Cavities or decayed wood on the trunk or branches
  • Fungi present at the base of the tree
  • Cracks or splits
  • Dead or diseased trees nearby
  • Tree beginning to lean
  • Roots broken off, injured or damaged

 If you suspect that a tree is dead, dying or diseased, our tree surgeons can diagnose the problem and advise on the correct course of action.

Stump grinding

Leaving a tree stump unattended can cause many problems – pests, moulds, infections, diseases, weeds. These not only look unappealing; they can also cause damage to other plants and even to your property. On top of this, stumps can pose a trip hazard.

Stump grinding is the process of excavating a stump through grinding and leaving the roots to decay naturally. This process offers many benefits when compared to complete stump removal:

Less labour intensive
No gaping hole afterwards
Environmentally friendly
Stump can be used as mulch
More cost-effective
No chemicals required

If you are unsure whether you need stump grinding or stump removal, our expert team are happy to talk you through the pros and cons and help you make an informed decision.

Site clearance

If an area of land hasn’t been properly maintained, it can become overgrown with unmanageable trees and vegetation. The STS team can carry out a full site clearance, removing shrubs and vegetation, and cutting back or removing trees where necessary.

We work quickly, efficiently and safely to clear sites ready for building works or landscaping.  All waste is recycled, and we leave the site clean, tidy and useable.

Shrub removal or pruning

Unruly shrubs and bushes not only look unsightly but can also start to encroach on space needed by other plants and trees to survive.

We carefully remove unwanted vegetation without damaging neighbouring plants or trees. We can also prune your larger shrubs to enhance growth, increase health, revive old plants and keep your garden looking beautiful.

Hedge work

A well-maintained hedge can enhance the appearance of a property and create clear borders between properties or areas of land. The STS team can take care of all hedge work, including maintenance, reduction and trimming.

Tree preservation orders and conservation areas

Trees are an essential part of our eco-system and as such are protected by various regulation and law. We have in-depth knowledge of local authority planning regulations and tree preservation law. We also understand the legal requirements for carrying out work in conservation areas and we always remain compliant. All our work is carried out to the highest standard with the utmost care and respect for the trees and surrounding land.

If you are unsure about any aspect of tree preservation or conservation, we provide expert advice and will assist with any planning applications.

Storm Damage

While it might be tempting to try and repair damaged trees yourself, you could inadvertently cause more harm. Cutting branches down to stubs can cause them to grow back weaker, making them more likely to sustain irreparable damage in future storms. In some cases, too much cutting back can cause the tree to die.

If a tree has become damaged or hazardous due to storms or high winds, our expert team can provide essential tree first aid. We’ll remove broken branches, carefully prune branches that risk decay or infection, and repair torn bark. Wherever possible, we aim to repair and rescue trees and give them the best chance of survival.

  • Crown reduction – reduce the height and spread of a tree, creating a smaller outline but maintaining a large proportion of the leaf-bearing structure.
  • Crown lift – lift the crown by removing lower branches to give greater clearance below the tree.
  • Crown thin – remove smaller branches from the outer crown to create more uniform foliage and reduce wind resistance and weight.

Our expert tree surgeons can advise on the most suitable solution depending on the size and height of your tree and the issues you may be experiencing.


At STS, we are passionate about the work we do. From providing expert advice to supporting plant health to safely removing hazardous trees, everything we do is done with the utmost care and attention to detail. All our work is carried out by highly trained and qualified staff.

We care deeply about the environment and our impact on it, so we recycle all waste and keep our services as eco-friendly as possible.

For a professional, friendly tree and ground maintenance service you can rely on, contact STS.

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